"Virginia House Explosion Amidst Police Attempt to Execute Flare Gun Search Warrant"


Arlington, Virginia, officers were investigating shots fired and executing a search warrant when a house exploded.

Social Media Alerts

Police posted about the suspect's flare gun activity on social media minutes before the explosion.

Flare Gun Discharge

 The suspect fired a flare pistol 30–40 times from inside the home toward the neighborhood, according to the inquiry.

Defensive Standout

 While executing the warrant at night, the suspect inside the house fired multiple shots, causing the explosion.

Search Warrant Execution

Handgun Involvement

The defendant may have fired a handgun at cops during the search warrant execution in addition to the flare gun.

Status of the Suspect

The suspect is still missing, according to Arlington County Police public relations officer Ashley Savage.

Aftermath Description

Following the incident, WTOP's Dick Uliano reported a "acrid" smell and "smoldering ruins" in the roadway.

 Emergency Response

 After evacuations, Arlington Fire & EMS reported a "structure fire" with control hours later.

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