"Touchdown Triumph: Evan Engram Ends Scoring Drought in Style for the Jaguars"

Scoring drought ends

Evan Engram scores a Jacksonville Jaguars touchdown after 15 games and 86 catches.

Regular Performance

Known for moving the chains for the Jaguars as a third-down receiver.

An Important Touchdown

On a 22-yard catch-and-run from Trevor Lawrence, Engram scores.

Dramatic End Zone Dive

Engram scores on a 22-yard catch-and-run over the end zone.

Effect on Game

Engram's touchdown gives the Jaguars a 14-7 lead over the Bengals.

The QB Connection

Six different receivers have caught touchdown passes from Lawrence this season.

Fan Engagement

Engram's joyful jump into the stands thrills Jaguars supporters. A touchdown is a game highlight.

Breaking Touchdown Silence

Evan Engram's touchdown ended 86 catches without a score, a milestone in his career and the Jaguars' season.

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