The Paradoxical Journey to Success

Contradictory Success

 Despite possessing one of the league's weakest offences and defences, the Steelers retain a 6-3 record, generating disputes regarding


Being outgained in nine straight games while yet retaining a winning record is an unusual statistic.

Tomlin's Paradox

Mike Tomlin is to blame for his team's poor ball control and defence. However, he constantly leads the squad to triumphs

Mixed Opinions

Opinions on Tomlin are varied on his effectiveness as a coach. The league's players and coaches generally like and admire him

Respected Coaching

Tomlin's teaching approach, motivational skills, and ability to deal with a wide range of player personalities have earned him


Tomlin's coaching acumen is on full display in the face of adversity, as seen by his ability to keep the club competitive despite regular absences

Adversity Management

 Despite his success, Tomlin has continued to face criticism, some of it racial in nature or unfairly biassed, which has sparked disputes over

Ongoing Challenges

Persistent Difficulties The Steelers continue to have difficulty scoring points, which has led some to criticise the team's coaching staff

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