The Fallout of Gobert Headlock"

Forfeiting Nearly $1M

Draymond Green, NBA's most contentious character, forfeited over $1 million in pay for his infamous headlock on Rudy Gobert, adding to his on-court theatrics.

Five-Game Suspension

 NBA's disciplinary proceedings culminates in Green's five-game unpaid ban, underscoring the incident's gravity and impact on the Golden State Warriors.

Warriors' Double Blow

The Golden State Warriors' struggles with Draymond Green's suspension and Stephen Curry's weak knee.

On-Court Altercation

In the NBA's announcement of Green's suspension, the league called his participation in escalating an on-court argument.

Financial Consequences

Financial Impact: Explaining Draymond Green's $769,970 five-game ban cost and its financial impact.

Unsportsmanlike History

Examining the NBA's decision-making process, citing Green's history of unsportsmanlike behaviour for his lengthy ban.

Team Impact

Examining the Golden State Warriors' strategic issues without two important players and the changes needed to stay successful.

Controversial Legacy

Draymond Green's history as one of the NBA's most contentious figures: Reflecting on his frequent involvement in controversy.

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