Ravens vs. Bengals


Injury-ridden The matchup between the Ravens and the Bengals was expected to be a rematch of last year's AFC Championship Game.

Impactful Start

Gus Edwards scored the first of his amazing nine touchdowns over the course of five recent games, giving Baltimore the early lead.

Mixon's Efforts

 Joe Mixon showed potential in the first half but failed to maintain momentum without Burrow, adding with Ja'Marr Chase with touchdown catches.

Lamar Jackson's

Lamar Jackson played well while dealing with an ankle issue, throwing for 264 yards and two scores while helping the Ravens improve to 8-1 versus the Bengals.

Career Milestones

After this game, Jackson's career running total of 4,972 yards broke the previous mark held by Randall Cunningham, making him.

Ravens' Versatile

The Ravens' versatile rushing assault was on display with Keaton Mitchell's game-changing 21-yard run, Gus Edwards' 62 yards and two scores.


Holmgren emphasises team success above individual statistics, claiming that individual achievements aren't what matter most in the long run


The Ravens' 157 rushing yards and two touchdowns this season (an average of 5.1 yards per carry) demonstrate their ground domination.

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