"Pro-Palestinian Protesters Disrupt Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting in NYC, Clash with NYPD"

Pro-Palestinian Presence

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators scuffle with NYPD cops and try to disrupt the Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center.

Antisemitic Chants

 Protesters yell "river to the sea," an antisemitic slogan, while one person carries a swastika, linking the IDF to the Nazis.

Altercation with NYPD

An altercation with NYPD escalates as demonstrators try to break police barricades and NYPD cops push back.

Disruption Outside

After failing to reach the Rockefeller Center tree, the throng gathers around the tree outside.

High-Security Presence

In preparation of the protest, the NYPD requested a high-security presence to maintain "elevated vigilance" throughout the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Disrupt Festivities

Pro-Palestinian organizers planned to disrupt the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting on the UN-recognized International Day of Solidarity

Tourist Frustration

Thousands of tourists eagerly await the holiday ritual are frustrated by the demonstrators. One traveler called the disruption "very annoying."

Mixed Reactions

While protestors are arrested, tourists react differently. Some blame the interruption, while others praise the NYPD's patience.

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