Phoenix Suns Await Booker's Return

Booker's Return

The succession of injuries suffered by Booker and the impact those ailments have had on the beginning of the season for Phoenix

Injury Challenges


Big 3 Debut

The first regular season game involving Booker, Kevin Durant, and Bradley Beal has generated a lot of buzz due to the Big 3 hype.

Suns' Recent

What Booker Thinks the Big Three Can Do and How That Will Affect Phoenix's Season Objectives


An Analysis of the Recent Play of the Suns, Including Their Play without Booker and Their Impact on the Standings

Team Optimism

Reactions from Fans to the Team, as Well as Booker's Optimistic Outlook Despite a Sluggish Beginning

Preseason Dynamics

An analysis of the three most important players on the Suns, their limited participation in the preseason, and their first performance

Long-Term Goals

Goals Down the Road: Booker's Advice on Putting Health First and Developing Chemistry Despite the Rough Start to the Season

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