philadelphia eagles team


Eagles were once Frankford Yellow Jackets until their formation in 1933.Victories at Championships, often known as "Title Glory"

Championship Triumphs

he most recent being the Super Bowl win in 2017. The Rivalry Powerhouse That Is the "NFL Foes"

Lincoln Glory

acrimonious competition with the Giants, the Cowboys, and the Commanders. "Lincoln Glory" as performed by Stadium Splendor.

"Gridiron Legends

Lincoln Financial Field is the host venue for all of our home games

Lurie Era

Since 1994, Jeffrey Lurie has owned the franchise, which is currently worth $4.9 billion. Competence in the Playoffs: "Postseason Regulars

Meet Swoop

29 playoff appearances, showcasing consistent competitiveness. Mascot Magic

The energetic mascot of the Eagles helps to pump up the crowd during games.

energetic mascot

"Coaching Unity

The coaching partnership of Greasy Neale and Walt Kiesling. The "War-Driven Merger" Steagles Season of 1943.

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