"Paul George Criticises Referees as Clippers' Losing Streak Extends to Six"

Frustration with Referees

After the Los Angeles Clippers' 111-108 loss to the Denver Nuggets, Paul George criticises the referees, citing a technical foul and a lack of free throws.

 Blamed for the Loss

The Clippers were "playing against the extra 3," according to George, who blamed the referees for the loss. 

Free-Throw Calls

George calls the five times he went to the line "disrespectful." He recalls being fouled but not being called.

Last Two Minute

Two Paul George-related no-calls favouring the Nuggets and Clippers are listed in the league's Last Two Minute Report.

Impact of Losing Streak

George's dissatisfaction may be exacerbated by the Clippers' six-game losing skid, which may have influenced his criticism of the officials

Despite Loss

The Clippers have a strong lineup with George, Harden, and Kawhi Leonard.

Nikola Jokic's

 The Clippers struggle defensively, especially when playing small in the fourth quarter, which tests Jokic's paint domination.

 Improved Performance

 Despite the tough Nuggets opponent, the starting five's success and three-point shooting suggest progress.

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