Matt Wilhelm Triumph Over Trials in BMX"

BMX Triump

Learn about Matt's rise from racing rejection to BMX stardom in his inspiring true story, BMX Triumph.

Title 2

 X Games

Explore Matt's will to overcome adversity when he comes in last place at his very first X Games.

Title 2

Pursuing Knowledge

Learn About Matt's Unusual Blend of BMX and Music Scholarship.

Global Recognition

Follow Matt as he competes in events throughout the world and brings home trophies.

Community Engagement

Get the scoop on Matt's motivational after-school activities and other community service initiatives.

Perseverance Message

Get the point of Matt's moving speech about overcoming adversity and standing up to bullies.

Discover Matt's triumph 

Discover Matt's triumph on the Fox TV show "30 Seconds to Fame

Adversity to Victory

Delve into Matt's resilience after finishing last in his first X Games.

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