Lamar Jackson stats


Jackson's throwing efficiency is strong in 2023, as he has a career-best completion rate of 70.3%, which places him third in the NFL.

Passing Yardage

Jackson is tied for 19th with 10 throwing touchdowns and 14th with 2,177 passing yards through 10 games in 2023.


Jackson's five interceptions this season are tied for second fewest among quarterbacks, demonstrating his proficiency at avoiding turnovers.


Both his yards per attempt average (7.9) and passer rating (98.1) are in the top 10 in the league, demonstrating his efficiency at pushing.

Rushing Dominance

Jackson's dominance as a runner underscores his importance as a dual-threat quarterback since he has the most carries (92)


While his 2023 season may be slightly less productive than his 2019 MVP season, it does not change the fact that Jackson is still an elite.

2019 MVP Season

which he led the league in throwing touchdowns, yards per carry, and QBR, and in which he emerged as a powerful dual-threat force


Expected Future Development Despite falling short of his 2019 numbers, Jackson's 2023 figures show significant improvement in his passing efficiency

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