"Mysterious Canine Respiratory Illness Sparks Concern: Cases Spread Across the US"

Start of the Outbreak

The development of a highly contagious canine respiratory ailment resembling influenza and kennel cough across the US is prompting concern.

Hornets' Tournament Hopes

 Discusses the Hornets' difficult path to the wild card, highlighting the need to beat the Knicks and other events.

Testing and Consultation 

The Cornell Animal Health Diagnostics Center collaborates with veterinarians on specimen collection, diagnostic testing

Knicks' Position

 Highlights the Knicks' goal to win to claim Group B or a wild card place with a Miami Heat loss.

Latest Information

The etiology of this mystery sickness is unknown as of November 28, 2023.

Precautions for Dog Owners

Dog owners should avoid high-risk areas like boarding kennels, dog parks, and day care facilities if they're unsure about other dogs' health.

Respiratory Illness Signs

Coughing, sneezing, hard breathing, nasal or eye discharge, fatigue, and decreased appetite must be recognized.

Sources and Updates

Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine specialists recommend monitoring for scenario updates regularly.

Diagnostics and Testing

The National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) labs, including the Cornell Animal Health Diagnostic Center.

 Early Testing

In light of media coverage and concerns, dog owners are advised to seek veterinarian assistance if their pets show signs.

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