"Explosive Incident in Arlington: Home Engulfed in Flames After Flare Gun and Firearm Altercation"

Hour-Long Standoff

Arlington police responded to a 4:45 p.m. complaint of shots fired at a home.


Witness Alex Wilson narrates an hours-long standoff, SWAT truck arrival, and rising tension.

Big Finish

A tremendous explosion at 8:25 p.m. was visible from kilometers away.

Defensive Standout

Smoke, power disruptions, and property damage. Drivers should avoid the area and residents should shelter in place.

Impact on Neighborhood

Reply and aftermath

The number of cops engaged is under investigation, with minor injuries recorded.

Suspect Identification

The residence is linked to James Yoo in public records, but police have not confirmed.

Impact on Neighbours

Witnesses feel sorry for neighbors on the other side of the duplex who lost their home in the explosion.

Investigation ongoing

Arlington police expect to remain on scene for the investigation.

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