"Explosion Rocks Arlington Home as Police Investigate Flare Gun Incident"


Arlington, Virginia, officers were investigating shots fired and executing a search warrant when a house exploded.

Injuries Reported

 No deaths have been reported, and the suspect's status in the residence during the explosion is unknown.

 Audible Blast

 Rep. Don Beyer called the explosion "major explosion" and "very, very scary".

Defensive Standout

A neighboring homeowner described the explosion as "enormous," rocking her house, covering it with broken glass.

Enormous Explosion

Search Warrant

Around 4:45 p.m., a flare gun was reported discharged at a Burlington Street home.


 Before executing the search warrant, the subject was contacted by phone and loudspeaker.

Evacuation Precautions

As police approached the house, the Arlington County Fire Department evacuated neighbors as a precaution.

 Let Me Go

 Police could not verify this account. The neighbor talked anonymously for safety and privacy.

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