Draymond Green's Suspension

NBA's Stern

In response to Draymond Green's on-court altercation, the NBA has suspended him for five games.

Financial Fallout

Gobert, Thompson, and McDaniels pay the price with fines after an on-court altercation.


The events leading up to it, in detail Dissecting the Warriors-Timberwolves Fight with a Timeline

 Ugly Incident

The Impact of Draymond Green's Inability to Play in Upcoming Games on the Warriors' Starting Lineup

NBA's Stance

The NBA's Position on Increasingly Violent Scuffles An Explanation of League Sanctions and Bans

 NBA Referees

Paul George Joins Other Players In Constantly Criticising NBA Officials Paul George Joins Chorus.

Green's Role

G. Green's Part in the Melee: D. We looked at Green's chokehold and his violent actions.

Continued Criticism

Paul George joins the chorus of players who are unhappy with the way the NBA referees are doing their jobs.

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