The Detroit Pistons have tied a franchise record with 14 straight losses, prompting questions about its structure.

Talent Disparity 

The Pistons struggle to play and lose games due to a lack of teamwork.

Troubles with  Manager 

Poor asset management and execution over four seasons led to a collection of young players without a strategy.

Unrealized Expectations

The plan focused on young player development, which led to unmet expectations and losses.

Strategic Alignment

Despite talented players, the squad lacks strategic alignment. Mismatched player talents and limitations hurt the team.

Injuries and Ineffectiveness

 Key veteran injuries, uneven shooting from youthful talent, and defensive errors hurt the squad.

 Future Performance

This youth-dominated club has little room for mistake, and their season's turnaround is doubtful.

Ambiguous Solutions

Weaver's nihilistic approach, which rejected shortcuts in rebuilding, is the problem.

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