Chauncey Billups

NBA Rookie Struggles

NBA Rookie Struggles in Boston (1997-1998): "Early Days with the Celtics"

Traded North: Toronto Days

(1998), an adventure about the Toronto Raptors.

Return to Denver and a Trade to Orlando

was the theme of the 1999–2000 season for the Denver Nuggets.

"Learning and Excelling in Minnesota

Timberwolves Development, 2000-2002). Beginning of the "Mr. Big-Shot's Arrival in Detroit" Era for the Detroit Pistons (2002-2008).

Finals and Championship

(Finals and Championship Glory MVP (2003-2004)

Awards for defensive excellence

Awards for defensive excellence and a return to the playoffs (2004–2006)

The End of Detroit's

"Homecoming, Milestones, and Conference Finals" (2008-2011) means a return to Denver and the championship game.

Denver and the championship game.

Intermission from the 2011 season of the New York Knicks: "From Denver to the Big Apple"