"Jaden Ivey's Preseason Performance Sparks Uncomfortable Questions About His Role with Detroit Pistons"


 The article opens with the Detroit Pistons' great expectations for Jaden Ivey after picking him 5th overall in 2022.

Decision and Preseason Role

New head coach Monty Williams surprised everyone by starting Ivey off the bench in most preseason games.

Concerns about Ivey's Start

The coach's emphasis on defense and comments regarding defensively challenged players cast doubt on Ivey's starting minutes.

 Concerns and Rotation

 The article discusses Ivey's defensive issues from last season and whether Monty Williams' defense focus could affect his rotation spot.

Preseason play Evaluation

 Ivey's preseason play is criticized for discomfort, poor shot selection, and 3.3 turnovers per game.

 Starting Lineup 

The piece questions whether Williams used the preseason to encourage Ivey defensively or if there's a legitimate challenge for a starting berth.

Starting Five Dilemma

Ivey's defense may keep him from starting on a team aiming to progress, which may be disappointing.

Conclusion and Outlook

The report indicates that the preseason may not accurately predict the regular season, giving Ivey a chance to start.

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