Burrow's Injury

Burrow's Injury

Burrow is sidelined with a wrist injury Browning replaces Burrow as the team's backup quarterback.

First Half Recap

A recap of the first half reveals that the Ravens took a 21-10 lead into the break and that Jackson had a great throwing performance.

 Running Game

Increase in the number of yards gained by running the ball for the Ravens in the third quarter of the game.

Game Dynamics

The state of the game, as shown by the Ravens' lead going into the fourth quarter, historical statistics, and the performances of both teams.

Bengals' Struggle

The Bengals' game is being negatively impacted by their consistent string of possessions ending in a three-and-out.


The performance of Ja'Marr Chase may be summarised by his poor fantasy point total and the difficulties he had during the game.


The successful field goals made by Tucker for the Ravens and the influence they had on the game are discussed.

 Sideline Reporting

Charissa Thompson's words about sideline reporting and the responses it drew is included in this article under the heading

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