"Broward County Schools Shut Down Amidst Heavy Rains and Flooding Threat in South Florida"

School Closures

Broward County public schools in South Florida will close on Thursday, November 16, 2023, due to severe rainfall and floods.

 County Public School

The district prioritises student and staff safety, closing schools to examine possible water incursions or weather-related damage.

 Class Cancellation

Broward College cancelled classes on Wednesday and is unclear about Thursday. Situation is constantly observed.


Broward takes preparations, but Miami-Dade County Public Schools will stay open on Thursday and watch the weather overnight.

Severe Weather

Heavy rains flood roads and halt autos. As on Tuesday night, icy roads and ponding water had caused hundreds of collisions throughout Broward.

 Intense Rainfall

Forecasters expect up to 10 inches of rain by night due to a low-pressure system that could cause flooding until Thursday morning.

Warnings Issued

The whole counties of Miami-Dade and Broward are under flash flood warnings until 6 a.m.Thursday. Key metro regions should get 4–6 inches.

 Heaviest Rainfall Period

The National Weather Service predicts the greatest rainfall from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning, raising fears about flooding in South Florida.

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