Bangladesh vs Australia

Match Summary

Australia beats Bangladesh 7-0 in a one-sided match in Melbourne for the AFC World Cup 2026 Qualifying Round

Scorers & Assists

Goals were scored by Harry Souttar, Brandon Borello, Mitchell Duke, and Jamie Maclaren, with significant helpers from Connor

Live Updates

Moment-by-moment coverage showcasing Australia's unrelenting assault and Bangladesh's dogged defence.

Match Details

The Socceroos put up a dominant performance, which resulted in a crucial victory for their season.

Full-Time Stats

The final score mirrored Australia's strong performance, with Bangladesh falling behind.

Bangladesh's Challenge

Bangladesh's Challenge: Despite their best efforts, Bangladesh was unable to overcome Australia's superior offence and defence.

Player Impact

The domination of the Australian squad was cemented by the great play of a number of its players


Qualification trip: The victory signifies the beginning of Australia's tough trip towards the World Cup, setting a strong tone for future games.

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