The colourful cockatoos and parrots of Australia. Strong beaks and vibrant feathers. Red Rosella is seen here.

Australian parrot

 Australian Ducks

Australian wetland ducks include dabbling ducks, filter-feeding ducks, and diving ducks. Feathers and feet that can float on water. Image of a Freckled Duck.

Australasian Robin

Flycatchers are all members of the Petroicidae family. Birds are little and have short beak. Images of a robin with crown.

Australian Bird Diversity

 Pigeons, parrots, and songbirds rule. Photo: Eastern Spinebill.t

 Birdwatcher Blog

Discover Australia's birds via photos, tales, and facts. Rainbow Lorikeets stand out.

 Oz Beach Birds

Bird competition on the beach. Formation swimming of royal Australian pelicans.

Australian city birds

Urban birdlife adapting to cities. Red-collared Lorikeets drinking from Pine Creek sprinklers.

Resilient Bush Birds

Bush birds adapt well to shifting environments. Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove eating palm tree fruit.