10 facts about walmart US

 Walmart's Healthy Eating Campaign

Discover Walmart's Great Value brand's Michelle Obama-endorsed healthy eating campaign.

Hurricane Katrina Relief

Find out how Walmart helped Hurricane Katrina victims with their swift reaction and local expertise.

Walmart's German Struggle

Investigate Walmart's billion-dollar German market failure.

Bentonville Walmart Museum

Free entry and historical displays at the Walmart Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas,

Private Walmart Satellite Network

Discover Walmart's 1987 private satellite network that links every shop to headquarters.

Walmart's Many Shipping Centers

Discover Walmart's 150+ shipping hubs that deliver a variety of items directly to customers.

Walmart's Massive Retail Network

Walmart's $783 million U.S. retail and delivery network is huge.

 Walmart's Data-Driven Stocking

Walmart uses analytics to store merchandise depending on customer preferences, especially before storms.